CPS Test 2021 – Check Clicks Per Second with Clicks Tracking Chart

How many clicks per second is fast?

If you want to become a faster webmaster in clicks per second then there are many things you should do. One of them is to improve your website’s performance. You should understand how this works and know that your website is not so fast and needs some improvements.

How do you calculate Clicks Per Second?

As a business owner, you will need to know what your customer likes and what they look for when they come to your website. You have to know how much time they spend browsing your website and what actions were made after they saw your content. These were the points you have to remember while calculating click per second.

What is the world record for most clicks in 10 seconds?

The World record for most clicks in 10 seconds is held by an Australian gamer called Paul Mann. He’s been a player of the CpsTest since 1999 and has won the record twice with over 5.5 million clicks.

About CPS Test

This CPS test reveals your Clicks Per Second in 3×8 different modes now! Also, get to know how fast you can click with a detailed click-tracking-map.

In this article, we will explain how to test clicks per second and how it is used to measure click rates. Clicks per Second (CPS) is an interesting tool that you may not have heard of before. It’s a formula that combines the amount of clicks that was your doing to test own speed. Usually, calculating mouse clicks is referred to as ‘CPS TEST’’(Clicks Per Second test). Our website offers many varieties by which the user can test his mouse clicking speed.

CPS test stands for Click-Per-Second test. It can be a 1-second simple test. You need to click as many times as possible before time’s up. Feel free to try as many times as you want. Make sure to get your best score (CPS – Click Per Second). According to our big data, the average CPS is 6.51, and the world record was said to 14.1 according to Google. People may get a bit higher score on mobile/tablet than desktop. Can you beat this?

A lot of people like to take the cps test and record their speed and accuracy. The cps test tests your finger speed on mouse. It will be easy for you to record your speed and you can also compare it with the current record holders. The fastest players at cpstest managed to click between 5-10 clicks per second.